"101 Bedford is by far the nicest apartment I've had."

Having lived in New York City for 8-years, 101 Bedford is by far the nicest apartment I've had. The interior is fresh and clean, the amenities are incredible, the location is fantastic, etc. In comparison to other nearby apartments and for the money you would pay elsewhere, it was well worth it to have a nice apartment. Though I didn't live in any comparable nearby buildings, I did view a considerable number of similar buildings and it seemed like 101 Bedford had the best location and the most to offer in terms of amenities.

The staff were very kind and personable as well!

— Ryan J.

"It's so far the best thing that happened to me in NYC."

This is my happy place. We moved in Sept 2020 and it's so far the best thing that happened to me in NYC. Amazing location, amazing apartment, amazing amenities, amazing staff. Thank you for existing!

— Margarita K.

"Made me feel welcomed from the beginning."

Amazing Management. Hotel-like feeling, quiet area and almost no noise from neighbors. Sound-proof building. Maintenance requests were followed up quickly and 100% satisfying. Easy move-in process also without credit-history coming from a foreign country. Made me feel welcomed from the beginning and made my start in the U.S. easy. Move-out was the same highly effective and easy process with 100% of the security deposit back in my account within less than 30 days. I loved my apartment and I miss my place.

— Daniela W.

"There's no other place we'd rather raise our family."

My wife (then girlfriend) and I moved into 101 Bedford in 2012. We wanted to make sure we lived well together before getting engaged. Turns out, there's no better way to live than at 101. We worked out together, steam-roomed together, read books on the roof together. Fast forward 7 years and one baby later, and we're still here! The only difference is that we're spending more time in the playroom than the gym. But there's no other place we'd rather raise our family.

— Marcus C.

"We are so grateful we've made 101 our home."

My husband and I have been living at 101 Bedford since the building opened. We LOVE it. It's become a huge part of our lives. We were still dating when we moved in together. Fast forward 6 years and now we have a baby. We love our apartment, the staff, the part of the neighborhood we're in. We've always loved the amenities, but now that we have a baby, we have a newfound appreciation for the beautiful playroom. All in all, we are so grateful we've made 101 our home. We truly appreciate the life that we created as a family in this building.

— Michelle H.